What we do

  • Elevating and empowering students to set goals, follow instructions and be mentored in their learning.
  • Student centred practices.
  • Our friendly and inspirational environment encourages independent thinking and decision-making skills.

What we offer

Education Support

Assessments, learning plans, skill development and reporting.


Various for purchase through TPT page.


Classes and activities.

Child Minding

By appointment. Call or email to book.

Lessons Available as

One-to-one, small group, whole class and online lesson platforms are offered.

Vacation Care Activities

Student interest based. By appointment.


Have you seen these learning support packages from Education NSW?

They are very useful for home learning. Check them out:



We have so many programs launching in 2020 so keep checking in!

COVID-19 Has really changed how the world is operating. Whilst I have had to cancel the Taronga Zoo and Dirt Detectives camp that was to go ahead in December I am still committed to helping students in any way possible. I have a Facebook page that is updated regularly with articles from around the world that might be helpful. If you need assistance with learning or teaching from home please drop me a line. I am more than glad to help you or find someone who is able to help you. Thanks and keep safe!



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